Nueva semana llena de estrenos, ¿algunos de tus favoritos volvieron esta semana?


CNBLUE -Love Cut

Love Cut, I’m going to cut this love away
All memories, all sadness
It will hurt, but it will heal right away
I’m sick of this love
The wound that this crazy love left behind

Without me, you’re Nothing
That’s what you always say to me
Thanks to you, I’m lonely this Friday
The venom flows through my veins
I stagger and shatter into pieces

CL – Tie a Cherry

I can tie a cherry
Look, I got a gold tongue
The chemistry in this body
Supervision open your eyes
I shoot for thе stars
Razzi shot I’m the target, ya
Cherry – spitting firе for fun
Ain’t ordinary the way it all revolves
I shoot for the stars
Razzi shot I’m the target, ya
Watch me, watch me, watch me tie a cherry

IU – strawberry moon

How amazing
Will such a dreamy moment come again?
(will there be more)
Perhaps it’s all about the night
we first uncovered, Let’s fly over it

Over our youthful selves
A big strawberry moon One scoop
How does it feel to own the world eh-oh\
Up across the wind
Flying high feels so cool
How could life be more perfect ooh

Def. – HONEY(Official Lyric Video)

Coldplay X BTS – My Universe (SUGA’s Remix)

DAVICHI) – 나의 첫사랑 (First Loss) 

(Nam Woo Hyun) ‘냉정과 열정 사이’ 

MIND U(마인드유) _ When The Morning Comes

Junhyeok Seo) – 접지 (Earthing) (Coffee after love)

Kim SeungMin) – 외대 옥상 (Halfway Off The Rooftop) 

KINGDOM(킹덤) ‘Black Crown’