MONSTA X – ‘Rush Hour’

Push it to the limit
Hit it like you are going to break it, yeah
Rush it to the finish
Hit it until the end, yeah (Let’s go)
Push with double the power
Towards you, pedal to the mеtal

The game of a chaotic world
A nevеr ending, cold-blooded battle

Don’t stop what you’re feeling
Turn the engine on, bang, bang

BIBI – The Weekend 

Barbie wanna party like all night
And she looking like a zombie in her off-white
Yeah, she looking yeah, she looking for a hand out
She think ‘cause she with me she in a band now
Pull up in the truck
Pack it up like a limousine
Looking like a blast from the past
Look like Billie Jean
And you’re the only ten I see
And I hope you like Hennessy

SF9 ‘Trauma’

Love, once hot, shatters
Cold as ice
Pushing me away
Tangled like spiderwebs
Our connection reaches the end, oh no

Can I ever let you go
Never Never
Jammed in my heart
Shards of memories of you
Yeah Yeah
(You know) To me, pain is duff
A trap of rage and unquenchable fire
It’s burned out. It’s gone. It’s selfish, but

Hwa Sa – I’m a 빛

I don’t know if the world is going crazy
Bless you god
Bless you bro, sis
I’ll give you mercy

Life is so incredible
Even if I’m going crazy,
My sins are beautiful, baby
Life is now so terrible
Even if you can’t cry
Excuse you, I’m a B


HA SUNG WOON ‘Electrified’


GEMINI – UFO (Feat. Seori)

SE SO NEON – joke!

Yoon Jiyoung – My luv (Prod. by Benny Sings)

NIKI – Split

josh pan – float

Solhee- Disruptification

BIG Naughty – STAB (Feat. eaJ)

PHILL – 16 

 URBAN ZAKAPA – I’ll Never Know You

 J.UNA – Stop!

MONNI – Again